Social Media Marketing

With the global effect of social media marketing, the entire world has come under a nutshell

With the global effect of social media marketing, the entire world has come under a nutshell. And, the same trend has been seen in digital marketing. It seems impossible to stand in the marketing race without connecting your business to social media. On a well-maintained platform, social media can also be credited for brand recognition.

Unfortunately, running social media campaign is not as easy as maintaining a personal profile. So, when you are planning to take advantage of social media platforms to increase your revenue, XYZ is the name that you can rely on.

In the recent years, social media has developed into a crucial element of online marketing. At AI ASIA ONLINE (S) PTE LTD, the methodologyis well combined with thoughts and action, leading to which we give our clients the most suitable strategy. Our assessment on how you should approach towards social playbook will determine how you should move ahead with your social media accounts and campaigns.

We will help you build a strategy that includes earned, owned, and paid media research through each of your platforms. Our social media strategist covers the followingplatforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Quiz and Poll creation
  • Customer interaction
  • Monitoring daily activity like likes, shares, retweets, and repins
  • Ad campaigns
  • Deleting spam
  • Fortnight reporting
  • Group and community creation

Depending on the client’s business objective, we select a particular or a combination of the above-given platforms to enhance your business’sperformance. Almost every of these platforms has around 200 M users, and adding even 1% of it into your customer’s base can improve the ROI of your business.

We have a team ofSocial Media Marketing Singapore experts who excel in each of these platforms and aims at building an indisputable presence of your company among the social peers.

Our Facebook marketing services in Singaporeinclude:

Finding targeted followers
Depending on the business objective, we will try to create a new base of clients for your business. The campaign will focus on the specific group of users depending on the business requirements.

High-quality posting
Our team of social media experts will take account of all the posts being put on the social media platforms. We will upload only the most relevant contents with appropriate keywords and hash tags.

Business page optimization
Even before we start setting up other accounts, we will optimize the existing social media accounts, making them live by the current trends.

Competitor analysis
Social media can be the gateway to your competitor’s strategy and we make sure you get most of the details possible.

Reputation management
Social media can be the key to reputationmanagement. We will start with removing all thenegative posts and comments from your profile and will put highly-effective ones in place of it.

Progress Report
It is imperative to review the performance of your social media accounts from time to time. We will offer monthly report which will display the performance of your business.

We have packages concentrating on both start-ups and large-scale organizations, which will help you lead your business towards the right goal.