How to price your SEO services

How to price your SEO services

In a bright venture to hire an SEO company, clients should be clear about the pricing they would be charged for the services. The business proposals before approaching an SEO firm chooses the apt one who can guarantee an SEO services pricing in an affordable way usually taking into account numerous factors.

An SEO agency Singapore undertakes a mission to find its potential client, discuss their goals and builds a strong relationship with the client primarily through its best SEO services pricing with promising technology.

Here we will outline the most common ways to price your SEO services and provide you an adequate framework with each option in a different perspective to help you price your services in a reasonable manner.

Cost factors in an SEO company


There are numerous SEO technologies starting from auditing, crawling sites, or assisting with reporting and so on. To accumulate all this SEO Company charges a nominal amount for full utilization of all this technology. This area is unavoidably the most prominent one where a business client should think of any compromise.

Content Creation

As you are aware content creation is the most crucial element of a successful SEO development. Cost of content will vary depending on the type and context viz. blogs, case studies etc. They usually come up with a fixed rates and the client will get the best out of the content for his business from a reputable SEO agency Singapore.

Sales Material Development and Maintenance

The best proposals require a designer who is ready with his services and maintenance for the full success of the project. The SEO company by any means hire the best designer and this forms one of the inevitable resources where initial cost matters but the profit balances.

Employment Hours

The staffs form the predominant resource in an SEO company. Staffing cost depends on the time they work reluctantly for various SEO campaign task like monthly reporting, client calls, ad hoc sessions, and monthly/quarterly strategy sessions. Full dedication of the staff is necessary for the fruitful development of your SEO project.



Continuous updates

SEO is a changing industry and to catch it frequent updates are required. Normally this is done through timely suggestions from experts, conferences, and webinars and so on. This also amounts to a nominal cost of your SEO project.

Ways to approach your SEO pricing

One time project cost

The shifting SEO scenario prompts the clients for frequent modification of his website and it is not fair to charge him in each and every time in the ongoing process. The project cost should be so designed keeping in view the scope of the project.

Hourly pricing

An SEO project may be a task-oriented or full time. The client expects the flexibility to change the course of his project, so the finest way is to charge the project on an hourly basis. The hourly rate typically includes all the above cost factors.

Retainer pricing model

If the scope of the project is unlimited and the client requires an extension of the working team, retainer pricing model serves the scenario. The retainer model considers the scope engagement as its price deciding factor. The retainer model not only means an extension team, it also considers an individual person of high rank or expert technician as a retainer.


One of the good approaches to attract the client is the easy to manage packages. Bundling all your services into a single package fascinates everyone to hire your SEO Company. Packages can be ranged from low-level package to high-level package based on the competition prevailing. Pricing the package should be truly based on the deliverables of the project.

While coming for pricing an SEO solid consideration of the competition and the scope best fits the engagement and make sense for everyone.


What will SEO optimization leads you to achieve

What will SEO optimization leads you to achieve

With the dramatic change in the digital landscape over the years, SEO or Search Engine Optimization still remains an efficient and effective market strategy. For beginners to Search Engine Optimization, SEO agency Singapore supports to develop a good ranking position website. These SEO companies provide you with the best SEO service agency pricing with no compromise in quality work.

Various reputed SEO agency Singapore also helps you build brand awareness for the business you want to popularize as search engine users are more likely to trust a site that is on the first page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Though many of you are familiar with the SEO services Singapore, here we outline some of the awesome benefits to a good SEO Strategy to make the users easily sort out the best SEO service agency pricing companies who can satisfy the below-furnished benefits:

Definite increase in Traffic:

The benefit of having highly qualified traffic for your website is crucial for a better return on your SEO investment. The more specific is the keyword phrases are, the more competent your traffic will be. In other perspective, search engines view your website as credible on these niche phrases and it will be much easier to rank your website. Various analytic and report tools help you manage your clear-cut increase in traffic.

Better Return on Investment

The higher conversion rate is just another benefit of SEO that cannot be matched by any other form of marketing offering quantifiable results, notwithstanding of whether you are an e-commerce or non-e-commerce site. For E-commerce sites, SEO agencies can track how the users search the product and recognize the keywords they use. For non-E-commerce sites, attribute values allow you to calculate the value of your SEO. Also, an integrated marketing campaign will fetch you higher ROI rate subsequently influencing your SEO rankings.

Better user experience

User experience contributes significant ranking factor with SEO providing a mobile-friendly design and high time on site user signals. These elements are important for serving user a great experience with the higher conversion rate, more trust, and increased brand loyalty. Good SEO campaign improves user experience and drives many short and long-term benefits.

To attract flairs

Job seekers with high talents who want their profile ranking best at search engines gain their dream job through SEO optimization. By investing in SEO they save a huge avoiding recruiting fees and acquisition charge.



Better conversion rates

An SEO optimized website is fast, easy to use and attuned to mobile and tablet devices. This also translates to a better conversion rate where users becoming customers, subscribers and trustworthy companions.

Expansion to new markets

After successful optimizing of your website, you can expand your market using different keywords of the desired product you wish to trade.

Improves the speed of the website

High-speed websites will offer best user experience thereby enlightening your website ranking. SEO strategic tools are available to design your website with this high-speed specification.

Increase social media followers

The visitors researching your website are likely to click the social media icon one of the wisely designed SEO services Singapore and follows you. This effective strategy will transform many thousands of your website visitors to a good percentage of followers.

Data accessibility

SEO marketing enables you to access customer data and allow expansion of your new products by looking at the keyword data used and what most visitors are searching for. This advantageous strategy of keyword research opens you to high search volume keywords in finding the potential customers in bringing lots of sales per month to your website. Manipulating this extremely beneficial customer data in your business is the right tool in this remarkable SEO optimization.


SEO is cost-effective than paid advertising, once your rank increases on the search engine, there is no necessity to pay per clicks from search engines. Various SEO companies accomplish their best SEO services pricing list to entice business websites towards them. In a nutshell view, it is clear that SEO services pricing is not a difficult thing to be considered.

Circumvent competition

When two businessmen sell similar products at similar prices, the one with an optimized website will attract more customers to their website than the one with non-optimized website content. An SEO agency standing high in market surely fulfills this marketing criterion.


Geo SEO or Local SEO packages and pricing in Singapore


Local SEO packages are economical options which provide a one-stop solution for all every small local business. Suitable local search optimization offered by best SEO Company in Singapore is one of the absolute ways to increase the perceptibility of your business websites, attracting customers or clients and increase the revenue.

Local SEO package includes:

The best SEO Company in Singapore takes utmost care while providing the Local SEO package with the following elements

Project Setup: The main goal of an SEO agency Singapore to provide first class SEO optimization is through an expertise project setup with Client Onboarding, Website Audit, Competitor Research, and Keyword Planning. Their SEO services pricing will be very optimistic for customers to easily reach them.

On page optimization: The developers are always on target with the latest practices in providing the SEO services Singapore like creating SEO-friendly URLs, optimizing page titles, title tags, images and multimedia content and keywords implementation, boosting site speed, proper internal linking, and finally the effective use of social sharing.

Directory management: SEO management requires the variety of directories for their full-fledged processing. The SEO agencies provide local SEO packages with directories like Google My Business, data aggregators, and industry citations.

Content marketing: A comprehensive content marketing package comes with Article Creation, Video Production, Client Interviews, and Business Reviews. Content marketing strategy is one of the astounding employment generating SEO services Singapore to be noted here.

Link building: The unavoidable criterion in SEO marketing comes within the package enabling Industry-Relevant, Competitor Analysis, Outreach, and Social Bookmarking links.

Campaign Set-Up and Optimization: Project campaign setups are done for extensive site audit and keyword exploration, grouping, and mapping. The Local SEO package provides on-page optimization including web copywriting, tag and header optimizations, URL rewrites, and metadata optimization among others. Recognizing the importance of local schema implementation, numerous schemas like Local Business Schemas (Phone, Address, Postal Code, Telephone, Maps, and Opening Hours), SameAs, Geo + HasMap, Logo are executed.

Paid search marketing: The marketing agency finds and targets audience interested in your site and products/services. The package comprising paid search marketing software raises lead creation and lowers cost by generating more leads per ad. Some of the services available are Remarketing, Branded Ads, Google Campaigns, and Facebook Campaigns.

Reporting and analysis: Client relationship in an SEO company is built on trust, performance, and transparency. SEO packages come with easy to read weekly and monthly reports to measure the success of the campaign. The facilities guaranteed are Google Analytics, Keyword Ranking, Citation Tracking, and Work Performed.

Below mentioned are some of the Local SEO packages that provide economical SEO services pricing for the services provided by the SEO agency Singapore:

Local starters

This package includes following features:

  • Can localize up to 2 locations.
  • Keyword usage of up to 10 keywords
  • Offers Google My Business, Apple, Facebook business profile setup, and optimization.
  • Basic on-page optimization
  • Monthly ranking report
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Conversion tracking

Local advanced

The following are the services provided under this package:

  • Can localize up to 5 locations
  • Keyword usage of up to 25 keywords
  • Google My Business, Apple, Facebook business profile setup and optimization
  • Basic on-page optimization
  • Basic link acquisition
  • Monthly ranking report
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Conversion tracking

Local premium

The features are:

  • Can localize up to 10 locations
  • Keyword usage of up to 50 keywords
  • Google My Business, Apple, Facebook business profile setup and optimization
  • Advanced on-page optimization
  • Advanced link acquisition
  • Competitive link analysis
  • Monthly ranking report
  • Google analytic installation
  • Conversion tracking

Tremendous is the chance to fetch the Local SEO package at the desired pricing in the market. All you need is a proper guidance on the package details. Decide to go through the packages to catch the best.